Discussion Strategies, Teach@CUNY

Teach@CUNY—Call #1: Discussion Strategies

Many of us teach courses in which discussion is a primary method of instruction. Yet as students and instructors know, all discussions are not created equal. We want to hear about the strategies you’ve used to facilitate effective in-class discussions: that is, conversations that are rich, generative, and broadly inclusive. Do you distribute questions in advance, or ask students to generate their own?  Use think-pair-shares, freewrites, or other in-class activities in tandem with whole-group discussion? Create space during class to discuss the components of a successful discussion? Call on students or rely on volunteers? Link face-to-face interactions with those happening online?  What objectives do you have for discussion, and how do you evaluate their “success”? Send an 200-300 word description of your strategies to tlc@gc.cuny.edu by Monday, February 27th, along with the following:

  • a 1-2 sentence bio including your name, affiliation, and the courses you generally teach
  • an artifact that illustrates your strategy (e.g. copy of an activity, prompt, lesson plan, etc.)
  •  3 keywords that could be used as “tags” for your post

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