Visible Pedagogy is a blog dedicated to advancing and expanding conversations about teaching and learning at CUNY. Founded by former TLC Assistant Director Elizabeth Alsop in 2017, then edited by TLC Lauder Post-doctoral Fellow Kaitlin Mondello, and is now overseen by Manager of Editorial Projects for the TLC, Katie Uva. The blog collaboratively authored by the staff of the Teaching & Learning Center, our Contributing Writers, and by CUNY faculty, staff, and students.

We are interested in  both the theory and practice of teaching and learning. In our Reflective Practice series, you’ll find more of the former: CUNY instructors—including our Contributing Writers—reflecting critically on ideas, issues, or challenges they’ve encountered in their teaching careers and their classrooms, in the context of brief essays of around 750 words.

The Teach@CUNY series focuses on pedagogy in action, and spotlights specific assignments, activities, and approaches being used by instructors at CUNY.  We will put out regular calls for contributors to the series and those interested in contributing can submit short, 200-300-word descriptive posts along with an illustrative artifact; selected responses will be published sequentially over a period of 1-2 weeks.  Our aim is to solicit and curate contributions that represent the diversity of the CUNY teaching body: both full- and part-time instructors, from 2- and 4-year colleges, and from a range of disciplines.

If you have an idea or subject you would like to explore, including those that do not fit in the categories above, pitch us at tlc at gc.cuny.edu or check out our Contributors’ Guidelines. Let us hear from you!