Ableism in the Classroom, Teach@CUNY

Teach@CUNY—Call #2: Ableism in the Classroom

"Teaching...(#1964)" via CC 2.0:

Series Curator: Jennifer Polish

Whether we think about it as we plan our lessons or not, dis/ability is a constant and contributing presence in all of our classrooms. Especially because learning differences, physical needs, and emotional requirements are under-discussed in most conversations about teaching, we want to read about dis/abilities in your classes. How have dis/abilities—whether your own or students’—shaped your individual teaching experiences and broader pedagogies? What best practices have you developed for integrating anti-ableist methodologies into your syllabi, lesson planning, and assignments? What worst practices have you struggled with (i.e. when have you failed to effectively implement anti-ableist approaches, and what did you learn from those experiences)? How do you—or how do you intend to—create space for all learners in your classroom? Send an 200-300 word description of your strategies to by Tuesday,  March 28, along with the following:

  • a 1-2 sentence bio including your name, affiliation, and the courses you generally teach
  • an artifact that illustrates your approach (e.g. copy of a lesson plan, assignment, syllabi, etc.)
  • 3 keywords that could be used as “tags” for your post

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